What Filipinos Sometimes Forget

The Philippine National Anthem…

“…whenever I sing this, I stand in reverence of my country’s strength and integrity. I put my right hand over my chest and feel its magnitude and warmth. My feet rest in the soil that once smudged with water and blood. I sing from my heart until it overflows to my mouth…I remain humble because I am a patriot of my land. I have a lot of dreams for her and I will never trade for power and fame.”

The fall of patriotism starts from losing the value of freedom through sacrifice. Filipinos of different class struggled to win our freedom today in exchange of their lives. We can never be here today if they did not do it. Our race, our heritage might have rested forever in history books. If there’s been a time we need a firm standing about it, this is the time!

Some universities and colleges force you to become a patriot. They make resolutions to mandate students to pay an amount in penalty for not joining the flag ceremony. Paid patriotism is not patriotism at all. This keeps us from becoming patriots. It teaches us to value fear than integrity and strategies than wisdom.

Campuses should teach students to love their country. To engrave reverence into their hearts and not to threaten them. Students should spend their time studying Philippine history and literature than hanging out! If there’s patriotism, there’s no fear of what may happen the next day, to our next generation! There will be no hopelessness among our barren people. Students will have the fear of their own motherland.

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