Preaching the Gospel Will Break Your Heart


In preaching the gospel, we learn what the people feel and what troubles them. This break our hearts and we are moved by compassion. This compassion convicts us to share the gospel. Jesus felt the same. “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them…” – Matthew 9:36.

Early this morning, my heart broke…

When I went to work, I passed by a foreigner probably in his fifties. I didn’t know how I felt, but there was something in my heart telling me to talk to him. I ignored it. Later I realized it was God speaking to me. I was afraid but I decided to obey.

I prayed, “God I know that you are speaking to me. You want me to talk to that man. I don’t know but there is something… So I pray that you would help me. Have your way.”

I went to the city hall, and then I saw him. I hid from the wall and took a deep breath. For years, I have hard times dealing with my fear. But I fought fear with faith in God.

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.” – Luke 17:6.

I approached the man.

“Good morning. Can I have a few of your time?” I sat beside him.

“Yes sure,” he said.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

“Yes. I am waiting for my wife… she’s getting the death certificate of our daughter…”

I didn’t expect I would hear that. God might have called me there to just listen to the man. To listen to his story of suffering…

I learned that he and her wife (a Filipina) plan  to go to America and live there when the baby is born. It’s just sad that their baby died two days after coming out. I didn’t know how it really feels because I’ve never been in that situation. But I knew it’s so hard for him.

“You know what, God told me to go here. I don’t know what I would really say but he told me to just go here.”

“I am not angry at God. I know He have reasons. There has to be reasons. I am just angry at the people (He was referring to the hospital), they should have done more. It’s hard for me and it’s even harder for my wife. You know she carried the baby for months.

“Whenever I see a man carrying his baby… it breaks my heart.”

“I sympathize with you. I know it’s hard.”

His wife came in. She’s with an old woman, probably her mother. The man told me he has to go. I shook his hands and looked at him as he walked with his wife. My eyes have nothing but compassion. My heart was broken. I have lots of thoughts in my heart. I told God, “Lord, I should have talked to him more.” But God told me, “That’s all for now.”

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