Life Doesn’t Make Sense


The tragedies in life just happen. They come as a surprise, giving us the most beautiful presents we struggle to receive. It’s hard to accept that these tragedies would target us, for we know we don’t deserve it. We are living a decent life, not hurting others but loving them – but tragedies just come.

It’s like we’re squinting at a fog. Our eyes are blinded by miseries we no longer recognize. Life moves and it keeps on moving and we are trapped at the center, where tragedies come and go without much adieu. Is this the life we should live in? A life of astonishing pain?

As the sun would shine, we would hide from the heat, but the sun would drop later and we would light the furnace so we could sleep at night, and tomorrow, we would hide again and wait for the night. And during the course, we would face our giants and we would fight to win, we wrestle until exhausted and with tearful eyes, we see life as strange to us.

The tragedies are no longer strange, but life is. The universe seems to define it as an unending mystery. Its vastness unfolded at every step of the way like the treasures of yesterday. Life is strange and it doesn’t make sense. We can’t understand life and its mystery, yet we hope someday all things will fall into place.


At dawn, when the night and day convenes, I stared at the window. It was cold so I hid in the blanket. In an instant, I wept.

Tired I am to live in such mystery

As life goes on, I can’t understand where I would go

My heart is full of regret, tragedies are my gifts.

Is there’s anything I can do?

God, I have known you before

Yet I remain on my own

This time, I call you, will you answer me?

Will you care for somebody who can’t understand?

That somebody who can’t accept your mystery?

As strange as it seems, I fell on my knees. I left the blanket on the bed. I was no longer cold.

The mysteries we experience would help us to love God. The pain we endured for so long will soon end. We have hope in the Lord Almighty. We would trust Him, because we know He loves us.

This is not yet the end. Because part of our hope, is there in heaven.

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