God is the standard of truth and if we claim to be a Christian, we must base our life in Him, and live with the truth there in Him. It means that we ought not to be compromised by anything this world says that do not conform to the truth in God. The sad thing, and always will be, is when we agree to what others say because we don’t want to look weird.

CHRISTIANS ARE NOT WEIRD. Those who have no relationship with God should be weird. We remain in God and we live with the truth, why be weird? If we base the definition of weird from God’s dictionary, we would probably see that:

Weird – anyone who do not act according to what God wants.

We can become weird if we claim to be Christians and yet do not do what God says (Luke 6:46). Yes, we have our reputations, name, or fame, but following God is costly. We have to do what He says because it’s our way of giving thanks and praises to the One who saves us. Even if it’s not how we want it to be.

Being obedient is not being weird because this is how every human should act. This gives us confidence to go on, and fight.


  1. Short, truthful and right on point!! Love this! You speak truth and what I have read so far is truth being spread. You are right, we might have to sacrifice, but what we sacrifice is only things of this world, my hope and yours (per your writing) is the treasure (Christ Jesus) awaiting us in heaven!! God bless you and keep up the good Word and work. Will be following and adding your site link to my links page! Again, God bless.

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