When It Takes Too Long

There’s a friend who asked me to edit videos for his project. I knew he’s going to pay me, though I understood how hard it was. I used laptop with low specs, and I have to edit HD videos – that means I have to wait in all changes I make before proceeding to the next. Because if, while loading and I continue to make changes, my work will crash. But it did not end there, I still have to render the whole project, and wait for hours.

In everything we do or desire, there’s a need of waiting. To cut it short, life is full of waiting. It’s how God designed life to be. However, we hate to wait – we want everything to happen instantly. We love the idea of shortcuts. We might have been waiting for God to answer our prayers. We often ask God, “Why does it takes too long? Do you still care?” Sometimes, we feel like God does not hear us, and He doesn’t care if we’re getting tired waiting.

Most of the time, because we can’t understand God, and we couldn’t wait, we would just do things in our own, we decide in our own and forget God. That even if it’s not yet the right time, we still go because we couldn’t wait. We have to understand that God has His plans why it takes too long.


1.God is preparing the best for us.
God doesn’t want us to settle for the less or ordinary. That’s why God set the boundary lines to protect us from harm, and the selfish decisions that we make that would eventually hurt us. It’s not because we feel like it, God will approve it and now because we don’t receive His approval, we rebel against His will. Let’s remember that God is not a genie that grants our wishes instantly. God is our Father which means He does care for us and does not want us to get hurt. He will not give it if it’s not really for you, and He will not give it yet if it’s not really the time.

Some people trade God’s will into pleasures they can immediately feel. They couldn’t wait for God, and so gave up their sexuality. They trespass God, and to trespass is to sin, and sin separates us from God. Sin always hurts, and it will cost us more than we can afford to pay.

If things do not go along with God’s time, it will always hurt you at the process and most of all, in the end. Let’s take a look at this one.


It’s a fruitcake, it’s probably one of our favorites during Holidays. It’s usually given as a gift, or prepared as a desert. The first time I tasted it, I really didn’t like it because of its taste. I learned that it’s not the real fruitcake because a real fruitcake has to be “aged” to taste better, which would take months. The one I tasted was just made a week before. But when I tasted the real one, I appreciated it so much that it has become my Holiday favorite.

Just like in life, we have to wait because the best is yet to come! The best things are those that undergo a slow, long process. When you wait, you’ll have the best!

2.God wants us to grow
My friends and I love to play boogle or scrabble. There’s one afternoon when we played for almost 5 hours. We didn’t notice it’s already late though we recognized our hunger. So we packed up and hurried for dinner. We decided to eat at Jollibee because it’s the closest. Inside, we joined the people falling in line for orders. We decided we wanted ultimate burger steak. However, when it’s our turn, they said we’re going to wait for 10 minutes. What? We fell in line for so long and again wait for 10 minutes? I was already losing my patience, so I let my friends do the talk. We looked for a table and waited for that precious 10 minutes of our life. Our ultimate burger steak came exactly 10 minutes, and as much as we wanted to eat, something just went wrong. We only have 3 burger steaks yet we were four. We looked at the receipt and found out it was not punched. We were not able to check it out before because all of us were hungry. Again, we waited for it and yeah it was amazing when that 1 burger steak came.

I knew my patience was tested there though I was at the brink of losing it. When it takes too long, God wants us to grow. He wants our character to be built in us. It may be painful but it’s how it’s meant to be. Before God will give us what we’re asking, He’s gonna make it sure we are ready to receive it. He wants us to patiently wait for Him, and as we wait, God also wants us to serve Him and do the things we should be doing. When we wait for time, we’ll gonna get bored and if we are bored, it’s easy for us to be impatient. That’s the reason why there are tvs on the hospital’s waiting area so people will not get bored. We cannot wait for time to pass by. We have to do something right now. The more we think of time, the more we become impatient.

Waiting is a test of character. It shows how much we value things that we wouldn’t desire to lose it. That we want to ready ourselves to receive it, and in time enjoy it. We also have to consider that the things we are hoping and praying for wouldn’t come if we just wait for it. Sometimes, it takes too long because we are not doing something about it. There was a farmer who asked God for a great harvest. Yet, harvest didn’t come. He prayed again and again, and it took him months but still no harvest. How can he have a harvest if he did not sow seeds? It’s good to pray and wait, but it’s not good if we don’t move. Let’s remember that in life, we have to work with God. We sow seeds and God who would cause it to grow and bear fruits. God will not do what we have to do, and we cannot do what God can do. For so many times we pray and wait, how many times did we do our part?

3.God wants us to trust in Him
We cannot always understand God. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. For some of us, we’ve been praying for so many times and yet God is silent. He does not respond. God’s silence doesn’t mean He doesn’t care for us, God’s silence means, “Trust in Him.” That’s why our relationship with God involves trust. We have to trust in God no matter how complicated things become. Waiting is also motivated by trust. Why would we wait? Because we are expecting something to come.


The movie “Eight Below” tells the story of a guide, Shephard leaving his eight dogs in Antarctica when storm hit the place. The dogs hunted for foods and strived for survival from the ruthlessness of Antartica. Sadly, two dogs died. After some months, the guilt-ridden Shephard decided to rescue the dogs, so he and his team returned to base and found the five dogs, and was able to rescue the other one.

The dogs waited, and though bad things happened, their master still came! I don’t know why dogs really wait because I’ve never been a dog. But all I can say is that dogs teach us about waiting. I also experienced it myself. One weekend, when my sisters visited our relatives in a nearby town. My mom and I left home. When it’s lunch, we got bothered because we couldn’t find Silver, our dog. I tried searching for him but I failed. It was getting dark when my sisters came home, and I asked them if they ever saw the dog. They said he followed them all the way to the hi-way, but when they found a bus, they left him. They explained that they tried to shoo him away, and they thought he can manage to go back. It was scary because there were many cars out there. So we hurried to get to the hi-way. We asked the people there until an old woman said she saw a dog walking just in the area. We searched everywhere until we found him. He was laying under a tree. We took him and brought him home.

Just like the dogs, we have to wait for God and trust in Him and in His will. God wouldn’t tell us the exact time, but He says in His word it will come, then it will come! We have to trust on God’s promises. We don’t have to know everything to trust in God. That’s why it’s trust! If we put our trust in God, we will have peace and enjoy our lives because we know God’s plan for us is to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future.

When it takes too long, trust in God.

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10 thoughts on “When It Takes Too Long

  1. You made some very good points Mark and yes when we pray according to God’s will He hears and answers, I have had both instant answers to prayers and also ones when I wait for God’s good timing.

    Jesus tells us to Seek, Ask and Knock and although we may never know how God created us or even a flower but we can know His good will for us as confirmed in the powerful Scripture below, because we have The Holy Spirit today unlike the Old Testament Saints, Pentecost had not happened.

    The first time I read this Scripture was after I asked for and received God’s wisdom and His empowering through The Holy Spirit I don’t think I had ever read it before with understanding.

    Christian Love Mark, in our Unity in Christ Jesus.

    1. There are times when our prayers are not answered instantly, and that means God is preparing us physically, emotionally and spiritually to receive. Faith in God and in His promises inspire us to wait. Thank you! Godbless always. 🙂

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