The Apple Theory

Why apple best represents the “forbidden fruit?”

When I was young, I loved reading story books. I grew up with so much of it. I knew those fairy tales, legends and myths. I remember it even today, and I sometimes tell those stories to people. So speaking of stories, there’s a popular story that has ever hit me, and that is – the Story of the Fall. Today, whenever I think about it, there’s so many questions that pops in my mind. One thing that amuses me is the “forbidden fruit” or what I thought was “apple.” Yes, apple! And if you’re going to browse story books, you’ll see that it’s really an “apple,” though some artists created other apple-like fruit so it will not look like an apple.

Anyway, what’s the deal about apples? And how did it occur in the creative minds of people as the “forbidden fruit.” Let’s try to answer this question. Of course, what I am going to share is something like an observation. It’s not to conclude that the forbidden fruit is apple or has something to do with it.


Apple is red
Though apples vary in color, what really depicts it is its color red. I noticed that most of the popular fast foods are red, like McDonalds, KFC and Jollibee. Why? It’s because red is the color that most attracts attention! Try to think of a lady wearing red lipsticks or red blush ons? Wouldn’t they look attractive? In the book of Genesis, Satan tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and Adam ate also. We can see that there was temptation happened, and the two gave in to that temptation. According to psychologists from University of Rochester, the color red makes men feel more amorous toward women. And men are unaware of the role the color plays in their attraction.1 When Eve gave some of the fruit to Adam, he was silent. He could have said “no” but he did not. He just remained silent when he faced with the temptation. Until now, many people have fallen from temptation and have given up what could have been theirs.

Apple has natural wax
Apple becomes more attractive because it has a natural wax. Dr. Joe Kemble of Horticulture at Auburn University agreed that apple is one of the fruits that produces its own wax. If you try rubbing a cloth in an apple, it shines even more.2 One of the tactics of the enemy is to deceive us – making something appear better than the blessings of God. Most of the time, we fall in his trap. We exchange our future into different things this world offers. An apple appears so delicious because it’s not only red but it’s shiny!

Apple has toxin
An apple has cyanide in its seed, which is a lethal poison, though it’s little in amount and can be detoxified by human. Here we can see two characteristics of toxin. First, the toxin can be found on the seeds, and second, it can germinate. Seeds are the heart of a fruit. It is also hidden in the inside. Behind its attractive face, sin hides its true character. Sin is toxic. Sin always hide. It doesn’t want to be exposed. Sin also germinates. An addict became an addict because he acted on compromises leading to addiction. That’s what sin does, it’s going to make you taste a bit of it until you cannot give up wanting for more. It will consume all you have and you would have. Sin will always hurt you. It may not be today, but it will. Though for a moment it gives us such pleasure, but eventually it’s going to hurt us.

Apple becomes a pie
There are many recipes of apple. When you google it, you can see a lot of it. But with those recipes, what I loved most is the apple pie. It’s what I often eat at MacDonalds aside from burger or potato fries. Maybe you like apple pie as well, or cake or juice? (Just comment your fave) Anyway, my point is that – apple can become anything we want. We can make apple what we want! An apple pie, cake, juice or jam? Anything! It means we have the power to make it what we want because it has no control over us. We can stop it to germinate. We can burn it. We can step on it. Or eat it.

Sin can become like a pie. When Jesus came on earth, we’re forgiven from our sins and set free from it. Through His grace, sin has no master over us (Romans 6:14). We can make sin like a pie! It doesn’t have control over us. Though Satan have devices or traps, Jesus have overcome him through what He has done at the cross. Now, we are overcomers – the world and its wickedness has no power over us (1 John 5:4).

More about apple
So many things we discussed here! Hope you liked it. Again, this post is just my observation about apple but the characteristics of sin as presented here is based on the Scripture. Thanks for reading it.

1link 2link

3 thoughts on “The Apple Theory

  1. Been gone for a couple of months but finally got a new computer and trying to catch up on a lot I’ve missed. Stumbled upon this in my links page and of course this nice red, shiny object caught my attention as soon as I opened your page! What an enticing object to garner my attention! I was tempted to read your observations and was very profoundly instructed and edified! We don’t often think about the “forbidden” fruit, but I love your observations and the reasoning in the way you put it forth!!! Been missing the writings of my brothers and sisters so have been trying to make the rounds the last couple of days! I truly get inspiration from the diversity the Holy Spirit has gifted so many with. At the age of 63 and after decades of ministry I STILL get inspiration and still learn something new almost everyday!!! Life in Christ, truly is an adventure!!
    Will be reading more, but in the meantime Blessings to you richly as you continue to share inspiration and as you serve (minister) all who come through your site!! God bless, brother!!

    1. Thank you Pastor Roland for taking time to read this post. It’s been a long time since I updated my site, and I’m happy that I received such words from you. I am also happy to know that you’re 63 yrs old and had an amazing ministry for decades. God is really great!;)

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