Receiving Beautiful Gifts from God

fffReceiving Beautiful Gifts from God

I love to receive gifts. I think you love it too. Why? More than the joy of having something, receiving gifts makes us feel so special. And the surprise factor is just so awesome. That’s why you should not try to know your gift until you receive it. But of course, sometimes you know it because you said what you want, or you are asked what you want. Anyway, if you would ask me, I prefer surprises.Let me tell you a story.

It happened when I checked on my shoes. They were no longer in good condition so I just prayed I would have new ones. In the next day, a friend messaged me about the size of my feet. I knew that the person would buy me shoes so I was excited to tell him my size. It was Friday when I received the message that I’d be receiving slippers. I was disappointed! I thought it would be shoes because I prayed for it but it turned out that I’d be wearing slippers instead. At night, I received the gift.  I wondered why it’s in a box because slippers are usually in plastic bags. I opened it anyway, and I was surprised that it was a pair of rubber shoes. My friend told me the night before he bought it (that’s when I prayed) that God told him to buy me shoes, specifically me. So he did buy a pair for me.

I was happy that I received such gift. It is true that if you ASK God, He’ll certainly answer it. And I recommend that you specify what you want. It is not that God does not know what you want, it is just that He wants to hear it from you. If for example you want a car, you tell God what is the model, color, or any specifics. The Bible points this out in Matthew 4:7, “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone?” God is our Father and we are His sons/daughters and He is happy to grant us our prayers. So when you pray, you should recognize your relationship with Him. You are not a servant but a son/daughter. Your prayer can go like this, “Father, I need a new pair of rubber shoes, coz mine is no good.” That’s it! You don’t have to wait for a certain feeling for you to believe He hears you or for you to have faith.

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