When It’s Not About the Shirt


It’s easy to catch Christians nowadays! You can see them almost everywhere. They are those who have Christian statements or Bible verses in their shirts, ballers, bags or caps. You can also see them posting verses in Facebook or sharing photos that says like this: “Like or Share this if you believe in Jesus,” or “Type Amen if you believe that Jesus Loves you.” These are few of the many reasons why it’s easy to identify professed Christians from other people we see in the streets or in the web. But why is it that even when it’s easy to identify them, there is nothing distinctive about them being Christians but their shirts that shouts FAITH? Why Christians with verses in their clothes and proud of their faith (which is honorable) can’t even share the gospel? But first to break rules in traffic? Gets impatient when waiting a bus? Cheats in class and just repent afterwards? Gossips their neighbors and defend it’s a holy gossip?

We Christians have to walk the shirt, or should I say walk the talk. Our shirts or our posts define who we are because it forms part of our being. We have to back up our claims, and let’s not live in mediocrity or shallow Christianity. Christians are in the streets, malls, campuses not so they will be seen differently, but for them to share the love of Christ. God will not commend us because we have nice shirtsbut because we shared the gospel. Shirt and Share are two different words. The latter is a thought, but the second is an action!

This generation is in need of RISK-TAKERS and not FAITH-FAKERS.Many times I professed I am a Christians but I am not that gentle, patient, compassionate, and loving. I get angry when somebody does even a small mistake to me, I get impatient whenever I fall in line for a burger or for a bus, and I wore shirts that says MAKE DISCIPLES but not really making one. I admit that I have fallen from these hypocrisies. It’s a precious reminder for me, and for us that if we want to honor God and see the world change, we should become the SALT and the LIGHT (Matt. 5:13).

We should be reminded that we are being noticed by people. Verse 14 says, “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” So either we are wearing our shirts or not, we are the representatives of Christ. All our actions should magnify Him so that people will “glorify our Father in heaven” (Verse 16). Only when we step out of all superficiality and mediocrity and begin to love people that we can make a difference!

It’s not about the Shirt!

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