Questions are Answers


When we look at life, we want to know why there is, after all life. What is life all about? What is its purpose? Why are we here? How about the reality of evil and good? What matters most in life?

Our answers to these questions vary. Most people will just ignore it but for some, it is what they are pondering about and when they find the answer, it will make their life more meaningful.

The truth is, men are searching for purpose. The pursuit of success has become a universal pursuit; a goal every human should have. But why is life, despite of the successes and achievements feels and looks empty? Why is it that people who are rich still feel unsatisfied? Is life a matter of satisfaction? Perhaps our need is more than satisfaction, but meaning. If we would just know the meaning of life, then we could be more satisfied.

How about the issue of evil and suffering? Why is the reality of evil so dominant that we are innately perceptive of its presence and strive to fight it of? Is the moral law that determines right from wrong deeply embedded in our hearts? Why is evil evil even when our generation changes from time to time?

Why is there love? Why do we love? Can a person live without love? Why is it that even when you have the wealth you want, you still struggle to love and be loved? Now love seems to be paramount among other things.

Why is life so vast as the universe? Even when technology and discovery give us more and more knowledge, why can’t we answer the simple questions of life?

Now, the question is, is God real? It is undeniable that there is God who put things in place. A God of order and not chaos. Someone who is outside of His creation but chose to get in it to show how compelling His love is for us


I realized that those who know pain tends to love more. Those who experienced suffering have soft hearts. Those were hurt are more understanding, patient, and loving.

Life seemed to be a shaping place where we get to discover the master author and He changes us from time to time. Character is built through adversity, that is necessary to pursue the will of God for the world.


Have you thought of the time when God is changing you? Molded you? Despite of the adversity, you remained strong by His grace, overcame the obstacles and produces in you a heart that’s strong and soft. How about the time when you fell? Was God there? Yes. Absolutely! His will for us is greater than what we have. For we prepare for eternity. And God using us to make it happen. It is not that God can’t do it, but because God wants us to be a part of it.

The reality of death? The shortness of life. And all of what seem valuable has limit us to pursuing God’s call. When we see somebody get to know Christ, and succeed in life. That’s it! That’s what we can say, it’s the reward.

When God calls you, no one can stop. But when you remain disobedient, through your disobedience that not only you sin but affects others who could have known God. Giving up what you have for God means having everything that’s more valuable than the stuffs in this world.


Life is not about being satisfied, but saved. Salvation produces satisfaction. Jesus came to rescue us from our sins and its effect, to bring us into a relationship with God and change us.

The greatest need of man is SALVATION.

Men are searching for something that would satisfy them. But the real issue is, man chose to disobey God, now man is in a great danger. The only way for him to be saved is to give his life to God. That’s the only way, Jesus said that will save a person. Change and satisfaction follows. The ultimate goal or purpose of man is to be in a relationship with God and worship him for the rest of his life. That is life. That is what makes it fair for every person, that every man is doomed and is need of grace.

Whether you are rich or poor, you need grace. Grace puts us all in the same position despite our status or standing in the society.

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