Street of Life

When you walk around with people, you’d see how tired and broken they are. They wake up early every day. Find a ride, go to work and go home. During the day, they have to face their own battles, their fears and disappointments. They try to overcome it. They go somewhere to escape it. Maybe …

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Questions are Answers

When we look at life, we want to know why there is, after all life. What is life all about? What is its purpose? Why are we here? How about the reality of evil and good? What matters most in life? Our answers to these questions vary. Most people will just ignore it but for …

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Stand Your Ground

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Christianity, Christianity For Seekers
A Christian should know intimately what it means to stand your ground. When your schoolteacher teaches that you came from a fish, snail or slug the believer stands their ground in believing they are a person created in God’s image. When your schoolteacher teaches that it’s natural for the same sex to be intimate with one another, you stand your ground knowing that they have to adopt to have children. It’s obvious that this is not natural. Stand your ground.

Stand your ground when the laws change, saying, it’s acceptable to be a pedophile and that their action does not negatively affect children. Stand your ground and refuse to be under the teaching of a false prophet. Stand your ground against mediocrity and embrace the challenge that comes with being a believer in Jesus. You shall have trials. You shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer because Christ has…

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