God and Man

Man is searching All of his life, a man will search. He will cut across every boundary just to find what he is searching for. But if you’ll ever ask him what he’s searching, he will answer you – “I don’t know.’’ When you'll dig deeper, you’ll see he is searching for purpose, and until …

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We are all sinners, and sinners deserve to die, and die forever. This has created so many arguments among people. Why? Because we believed we are not sinners. We only believe that in order for us to qualify to sinner’s category, we must commit a CRIME. There’s a very big difference between God’s justice from …


Stand Your Ground

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Christianity, Christianity For Seekers
A Christian should know intimately what it means to stand your ground. When your schoolteacher teaches that you came from a fish, snail or slug the believer stands their ground in believing they are a person created in God’s image. When your schoolteacher teaches that it’s natural for the same sex to be intimate with one another, you stand your ground knowing that they have to adopt to have children. It’s obvious that this is not natural. Stand your ground.

Stand your ground when the laws change, saying, it’s acceptable to be a pedophile and that their action does not negatively affect children. Stand your ground and refuse to be under the teaching of a false prophet. Stand your ground against mediocrity and embrace the challenge that comes with being a believer in Jesus. You shall have trials. You shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer because Christ has…

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Preaching the Gospel Will Break Your Heart

In preaching the gospel, we learn what the people feel and what troubles them. This break our hearts and we are moved by compassion. This compassion convicts us to share the gospel. Jesus felt the same. “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them...” – Matthew 9:36. Early this morning, my heart broke… When …

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